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PROVEN: Women fart glitter that sound like unicorn’s laughter and smell like rainbows

A university has finally proven that women don’t fart – they shoot tiny puffs of glitter that sound like unicorn’s laughter and smell like rainbows.

Women’s farts have been the subject of debate since Shirley Bassey accidentally let one rip during a live performance at the Royal Variety Show.

Spokesperson for Farting Women told Grumpy Fuckers:

“Women have been given a rough time over the last 200 years. We all fart but women were always accused of floating air biscuits that smelt of sulphur. It’s good to know that it’s been scientifically proven that women’s farts smell like rainbows. Makes me feel better about pumping one out in front of the telly anyway.”

But husbands have hit back, saying that women are just taking the credit for their own handiwork.

Bruce Stud said:

“My guffs smell of roses. And my wife takes credit for them! What the eff is going on in this world? I should be on Britain’s Got Talent!”

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