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Sweary Wordsearches: Wordsearch puzzles for adults

A book that’s crammed with word search puzzles for adults.

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★ Hours of sweary fun! ★

The Sweary Wordsearch book is crammed full of rude and sweary words for you to find. Each page includes a themed word search littered with sweary words. We haven’t just chucked this together. We’ve thought long and hard (fnar, fnar!) about each word search.

Makes a great gift for loved ones or why not treat yourself to one? Maybe it’ll help you relax like coloring books do. Maybe it’ll pass the time when you’re traveling or waiting for your other half to get ready to go out. You’ll be sure to find new words to enhance your limited vocabulary and you can even impress your friends and family with your newly-found swear words over dinner.

Inside, you’ll find:

✔ Wordsearches

✔ Swear words

✔ Words you never even knew existed

✔ More swear words

✔ Words that will make you and your friends laugh


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