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Grumpy Fucker pens – Buy 4 Get 1 FREE!


These are curvy, push-action pens with a bright white barrel. And there’s five of the fuckers!

Black ink.

Shipped directly from Grumpy Fuckers Coffee Shop HQ. Available only from us!



They’re finally here! Grumpy Fucker pens!

After months of careful preparation and hours of careful, underpaid labour by our skivvies, our Grumpy Fucker pens are finally here!

These gorgeous looking pens will make you the envy of the office. EVERYONE will want to sleep with you*

These curvy ballpoint pens are frosted in matt red and finished in silver trim and what’s more, they’re ambidextrous! Yes! You read that correctly! You can write with either your left or right hand! How amazing is that?

These four packs come with a FREE pen that you can either give away or keep. We’d probably keep it for ourselves because we’re greedy fuckers.

*Can’t be guaranteed



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